To Sidney & Marjorie

Thank you for a wonderful day. I loved showing you around London, and spending time with you.

Sidney your jokes cracked me up and Marjorie you are simply gorgeous. Good luck with your big day, I just know it will be wonderful





tower bridge

when I saw these two stunning models coming towards me, it was like watching a perfume advert where the wind sweeps across the face of the model in slow motion. My first thought was “these two are beautiful”, my second thought was “dang they are so tall, I need a footstool”

Perfect lighting, perfect couple, perfect city, what could go wrong? Usually I’d list a load of issues from the day, but actually it was pretty perfect. We started off at London Bridge, heading towards Tower Bridge. It was a lovely overcast day which made for lovely lighting… the only negative from the day I can think of is my feet hurt from standing on my tippy toes all day to get the shots of these gorgeous two.




The london eye

Trying to squeeze in all the iconic London site, we hopped on the tube to Westminster, fighting the bustling streets with tons of tourists but it was worth it for these beautiful shots.

big ben


The reconstruction work on Big Ben had just started unfortunately, but we didn’t let that get us down, using the gorgeous sunset to hide the building work.