Oh Joey! My little drummer boy.


Your Mummy and I have known each other since we were little girls and watching you grow has been such a pleasure.


You are hilarious

You are musical

You are intelligent

You are beautiful



All my love your Aunty J



I have known Joyce (of the Glam Hut) for a long time and when she embarked on her photography career I could see real passion and a love for every part of the process.

She had taken photos at the events of mutual friends and 

always captured the ‘feel’

of these events her images, so when I had my second son it was thus a clear choice for our first photo shoot as a family of four. Her photos are not just images they are an in- depth representation of you, your family or whoever and wherever she shoots.

I always recommend Joyce to others. She provides a professional service with a personal touch and her shoots are always fun and collaborative.

Thank you Joyce for all of your hard work and the beautiful results.


Maternity Photo shoot

Confession time! This was one of my very first maternity shoots so please forgive the lack of technique (I was very early in my career and still learning). You’re probably wondering why I wanted to include these images, in all honesty I just love this family and owe a lot to Julie for encouraging me to pursue my photography career. Coincidentally I’ve ended up documenting Julie’s life from her pregnancy with Johann, the first 3 hours of his life, his birthday parties and everything in-between.

They have always been supportive in my career and I just want to say thank-you!

welcome to the world johann!



From the moment he arrived into the world. Life has never been the same, you bring so much joy to our lives.

We love you Joey!

Poo gate


W arning you may find this a wee bit disgusting but it was hilarious at the time. Joey was about a week old for his newborn photoshoot, even at such a young age he never fails to entertain.

We attempted a cute naked pose with Joey placed in Mummy’s arms with Dad behind, but I guess Joey had other ideas. after a lot of wriggling he let out an almighty projectile poo that coated the wall. As you can see Dad made a swift exit leaving Mum to deal with the situation. 

… Yours truly was there to capture it all.

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L ooking back at these images makes me realise just how important it is to capture moments. Not just when we are dolled up looking our best but for memories just like this one. I can’t wait to embarrass Joey at his 18th birthday party with these.

brotherly love


8 months Old