To my dearest Jackie and Nikko

Thank you for a wonderful day. It was privilege to meet, hang out and photograph you 2 love birds in London. 

Yes it was cold, yes I got bitch slapped by a pigeon and we nearly got hit by a double decker bus, but I’d do it all again for those laughs.

I’m overjoyed with the final images and so touched by your kind words. 

I look forward to the day Nikko pops the big question just so I can attend the wedding, in the words of dearly departed Cilla Black “when should I buy a hat?”

I honestly adore you two.





Joyce was wonderful to work with for our visit to London. Coming from the states we couldn’t miss an opportunity for a photo shoot with such beautiful sights! Joyce was very professional and responsive to all of our feedback. She has an exceptionally warm character that made us feel comfortable during the entire process. Everyone who sees our photos from our trip always comments on the

quality and beauty

of each picture. We are so thankful we were able to find Joyce to help document our amazing time in London, as the quality of service is well worth the cost and we will have breath-taking photos to look back on.


St James Park

we started off at St James’ Park on a beautiful (all-be-it slightly chilly) autumn day. It was my first time meeting Nikko and seeing the love between the two of these cuties melted my heart.

Oh and this is when I got slapped by that pigeon, it flew so close to me a caught the top of my camera with it’s wing. Nikko and Jackie found it hilarious as did I.. after I got over the trauma.

Pigeons! Just who do they think they are Eh!




red phone box

On our way to Westminster Jackie started jumping up and down like a little kid when she saw the classic London phone box. How could I saw no to that smile. 

big ben


I was devastated to learn Big Ben was under construction, but when I told Jackie & Nikko, they totally understood. Big Ben is such an iconic landmark of London so we had to continue regardless. 

Judging from their smiles, I think they enjoyed it.

Taken by Nikko