style is a way to say who you are wothout speaking

As a teenage girl running around Liverpool my favourite thing to do was shop. I’d save up all my pocket money for months to buy a certain per of heels I was obsessed with or the latest must-have bag. I’m not ashamed to say I still do this today.

I love photographing people, but especially when they are in outfits that make them feel truly fabulous, the confidence that develops is a joy to capture. This experience is designed for stylist and fashion designers who want to market their fashion pieces in a unique style. It also caters to aspiring models and those who want to feel fabulous in beautiful clothing.


Work it!

Be fearless, be brave, be bold, be yourself!

When Bankee Styling & The Glam Hut joined forces! 

Working with photographer and creative director, Joyce Duah was a seamless and an unforgettable experience. As a stylist, being on editorial shoots with the right, all-rounded photographer not just for their skills but their professionalism is key. I have admired The Glam Hut’s works for a couple of years and it was only a matter of time that we would come together and collaborate. I always believe that the best work is created when talents join forces and support one another. I thoroughly enjoyed working on a promotional shoot with Joyce who was a professional throughout. Joyce organised the venue, considered all aspects beyond the environment in which we were working with, allowing me to focus on the models, clothing and styling prior to the shoot as well as the work required on set. Joyce is incredible when it comes to meeting deadlines and communicated with all parties involved on this project, making the experience so smooth and pleasurable. The turnover for the images was precise and she exceeded our deadline expectations, allowing me to develop my portfolio fairly quickly. The final images were outstanding, and the feedback from my clients and the wider audience was positive. From the shoot alone, I gained new clients for editorial and personal styling. I would not have achieved this from my styling alone. Joyce had listened and understood my requirements ahead of the shoot and this was evident in the final results. For anyone looking for a photographer, I would advise that ongoing communication and transparency with regards to your needs is extremely important. Being a good listener and open to other people’s ideas and having patience is key. I would definitely recommend The Glam Hut as a photographer and I look forward to working with Joyce on future projects.


Styling, Fashion Stylist and Creative Consultant