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So it’s February 2013, I’ve just had one of the most unforgettable weekends of my life celebrating Rio Carnival, hung over and with a sore head I arrive in Florianopolis. It’s stunningly beautiful, with breath-taking beaches, crystal clear water and the softest sand. I’m introduced to three lovely ladies Sudara, Emily and Maddy. We instantly click and a few hours later we are sitting in a hot tub at a P12 party sipping caipirinha and laughing until the tears roll down our cheeks.


So that’s how I met Maddy McIndoe, she is a beautiful, special and unique person who I am fortunate to call my friend. She is a talented fashion designer who has just released her first collection and all I can say is WOW!

I couldn’t wait to get stuck into designing the artwork for the promotional shoot when I was asked. We both agreed that the shoot should reflect her playful personality and with the prints being so loud and colourful. All I could envision was a super fun, energetic shoot set in a house party scene with the models goofing around. This included blow-up palm trees, oversized glasses, balloons, and a bike.

 I know I’ve said this so many times but it was one of the funniest shoots I’ve ever been part of. I honestly loved every second.

 Our stunning models Jonathan Jamys Bradley Howe-Lawson, Chico Rudy HugginsMichaela Phuong Thanh Tranova and Ellie Calder were amazing, we never stopped laughing and they came up some great ideas for posing. In the end it felt like we at a real house party, nibbling on pizza, joking around, playing music and just having a great old time.



Please check out for more information about Maddy and her amazing collection.

Joyce is a pleasure to work with. As-well-as a fantastic photographer, she made sure that everyone felt comfortable throughout the shoot and that we stayed on schedule. The photos were exactly what we wanted and the overall shoot was a lot of fun.

Loved working with her!

Maddy McIndoe

Designer, McIndoe Designs