The only man i envy, is the man that has not yet been to africa… for he has so much to look forward to

Easter 2015, a team of 15 enthusiastic individuals get off on an adventure to Uganda. We met at our church Cornerstone Christian Centre in Bromley, after organising our luggage and loading the cars, we set off in the early hours for the airport.

After a 6 hour flight we landed at Entebbe airport, the heat hit us straight away and once we retrieved our cases and headed for the exit, we were greeted with the loud drumming, smiling faces and loud cheering.

As we drew closer, we were greeted with loving embraces and sheer joy. The children had stayed up to perform their welcome song, it was a beautiful sight and so many of us were overwhelmed and tears of joy were shed.

After a long drive to our beautiful guesthouse, we all prayed and went to bed ready for a great adventure. One of the most life changing moments was our day visiting the slums, it was heart breaking but also heart warming, witnessing people making the most of what they have and instead of feeling sorry for themselves, working hard, growing vegetables and creating mini businesses from their huts.

The following 12 days were a mixture of excitement, joy, meeting beautiful souls, inspiring determination and fascinating culture.